With the rise of e-commerce, demand for industrial space is higher while supply has remained relatively low. This creates the perfect storm for a long term investment. Industrial properties are generally less expensive to own and operate, and they come in many flavors!


Flavor 1: Heavy Manufacturing



Capable of housing powerful equipment, these places are used for production & assembly of heavy-duty goods and materials. Features will usually include 3-phase power, truck parking to load product, and LARGE SPACES. These properties are commonly renovated to meet tenant needs since goods require specific machines for production. With that being said, we would recommend long term leases to avoid frequent buildouts.


Flavor 2: Light Manufacturing



Think smaller spaces. Although just as cool as heavy manufacturing, these properties are primarily used for assembling smaller parts, shipping and storage. These spaces will not require as much specification as heavy manufacturing.


Flavor 3: Distribution Warehouse



Not sure if it needs to be said, but just in case: Distribution Warehouses are used for….drumroll….distribution!! Because tenants will want to use this to distribute their product to clients, location is key. These properties need to be close to highways, railways, airports, boats, pigeons, etc. The idea is to either be close to the clients they are delivering to or close to the delivery method of choice.


Flavor 4: General Warehouse



These properties could be used for anything, but mostly storage. Sizes vary and location matters less. Tenants will be interested in the size, number of doors, ceiling height, and anything else that meets their needs. Easy access is great, however not always important if tenants don’t require access often.


Flavor 5: Truck Terminal



This is a specialized distribution building used for the transfer of goods from one truck to another. These properties tend to have very little storage space as storage is not the goal here.


All Other Flavors



Oh yes! There are all kinds of industrial properties that we did not mention about here, but for beginners  this is not the time to go over all of them. This is a basic introduction to the flavors industrial properties can come in, and we invite you to inquire if you would like to sample more!





So what are the current trends for industrial properties in Chicago and surrounding suburbs? Glad you asked! We are experiencing the lowest vacancy levels in the last 30 years and Record Net Occupancy Gains. Warehouses are also experiencing a growth spurt as they reach higher to maximize desirable space. Technology is causing a shift in the market as e-commerce grows. This means we are seeing more demand for distribution space for….you guessed it….distribution!


With the sunny market forecast, there are rows and rows of possibilities for industrial properties. Invest Big! For more information, give us a call: 630.984.4701. Phone shy? No prob. Reach us here.


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